Linda's health musings

Exploring options for a healthier life


I’m always looking for ways to improve my health. Both my parents died at a relatively young age due to their lifestyle choices so I have made it my mission to stay as healthy as I can.

I try to eat well, exercise daily, get enough sleep, meditate daily … you get the picture. But I believe there’s always room for improvement so I’m constantly researching and reading about the newest findings in health and then deciding whether I could, or should, implement them in my life.

For the past year I’ve been writing health related articles for women’s health magazines such as GOOD HEALTH. However, not all the topics I’m interested in are right for their readership so writing this blog is another way that I can reach out and inform people about what’s new in health.

I’m not intending this to be a blog in which I preach the benefits of any particular diet or health therapy but rather it’s a way for me to explore new ways to improve my own health and let you, the reader, know what I have discovered.

This blog will be a combination of research and my own personal experiences around the topic I write about. I’m always willing to try new diets (for health reasons not for weight loss), or a new health therapy and welcome suggestions from my readers on topics you’d like to read about.

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