By Linda Music

There are many things you can do for sinus pain. The internet is testimony to that. So when I looked up what to do for the searing, almost knife-like pain I was experiencing in my right sinus, one of the repeated results coming out of my  “sinusitis” google search was horseradish.

So I bought a bottle of herbal tablets which listed the main ingredients as: Garlic, Vit C AND Horseradish. The recommended dose: 2 tablets, three times a day.

I began diligently taking my tablets, anxiously waiting for the pain to disappear. It didn’t. In fact, it got worse. It spread to my left sinus as well and, with it, came headaches that threatened to explode what minimal brain cells I house in this head of mine.

Five days later I was not only taking six horseradish tablets a day but also the maximum daily dose of ibuprofen with some paracetamol thrown in. I was desperate for something to stop the pain. My husband insisted I go to the doctor and I insisted I wasn’t sick. I had no congestion. I had no difficulty breathing through my nose. It was just dry, dry, dry.

And then it hit me!

Horseradish DRIES out your nose.

Horseradish is great for sinusitis.

I clearly didn’t have sinusitis.

My dry nose was dried out worse than the Sahara. No wonder I was in pain!

I stopped taking the horseradish and started using a saline nasal spray instead. One day later, the pain is almost gone.

Talking to my naturopath friend this morning, she couldn’t help but laugh at my attempts at self-diagnosis and self-medication.

So the moral of the story is: don’t take horseradish for a DRY nose. But hey, if you’re congested, definitely give horseradish a go. It clearly works!

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