From the moment I stepped into the salt therapy room at Salts of the Earth, Penrith, I knew I was in for an experience.

The room itself evoked a feeling of serenity and warmth. 3D panelled walls gave the appearance of undulating sand dunes sculpted over time by the gentle forces of nature. The floor, covered entirely in pristine, white salt crystals felt surprisingly soft under my feet which were housed in comfortable, disposable socks: a mandatory requirement for entry into the room.

The detail that has gone into creating the salt therapy room is, not only visually appealing, but also provides the ultimate relaxation experience in the form of fully-reclining, massage chairs. Bliss!

So, what is salt therapy?

Elisa Kupresanin, owner of Salts of the Earth Penrith explains that salt therapy is a complementary therapy that involves inhaling tiny particles of dry salt which have been dispersed in the air while the client does nothing but sit back and relax.

And relax I did.

salt of the earth

For 45 minutes, I lay back in my chair and did absolutely nothing. Unless you count breathing and sleeping as activities.

With the lights dimmed, the room was illuminated by the faint glow of four Himalayan salt lamps which cast long amber shadows across the walls and floor.

But enough about the room!

What are the benefits of salt therapy and what led me to try it?

I had read that consistent salt therapy can provide lasting relief from a range of respiratory and skin conditions including asthma, croup, hayfever, eczema and psoriasis, just to name a few.

However, I was not suffering any of these conditions but rather I was there because I was feeling run-down. Following my open water swim a few days ago (click here to read more about this) in which I had ingested some not-so-clean Harbour water, my chest was feeling a tad tight and phlegmy … like the start of a chest infection. So, I thought I’d put salt therapy to the test.

To be honest, I didn’t expect to feel any different after just one session. I understood that the benefits from salt therapy come from consistent sessions, so I honestly believed that I wouldn’t feel the benefits.

However, I was wrong. In addition to feeling as though I’d just had a full night’s sleep, I also noticed that my chest was clearer and I was breathing lighter.

Was it inhaling salt particles that did the trick? Or was it because I gave my body the chance to unwind and do what it was meant to do?

I’m not sure it really matters because, in the end, the outcome is what counts. I left Salts of the Earth, Penrith feeling extremely relaxed and breathing better.

And guess what? That chest infection never did eventuate!

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