If you’ve ever lost weight only to regain it all back again with some added kilos on top, Dr Nick Fuller’s book, “Interval Weight Loss” is definitely worth a read.

Fuller, who is one of Australia’s leading researchers into obesity, has helped hundreds of people, not only lose weight, but keep it off.  His program is based on years of research and on the latest scientific findings.

Fuller believes that our bodies are tuned to a specific weight, or what he describes as a set point. According to Fuller, when you lose weight through dieting, your body perceives this as a threat. It then tries as hard as it can to get back to the original set point by decreasing the body’s metabolic rate at rest and increasing the hunger hormone, ghrelin. Often the body not only regains the weight back to the original set point but also adds a few extra kilos in an effort to prepare for the next famine (diet).

Unlike most diets, Fuller doesn’t advocate the removal of any food groups unless you have a specific medical condition that requires it. Rather, he adopts a simple approach to eating which includes eating the largest meal of the day in the morning and eating mainly fresh unprocessed foods.

The key difference between Fuller’s program and other diets is that his approach is a way of tricking the body into believing it is at a new set point even after weight loss has occurred through a one-month-on and one-month-off (maintenance) approach.

Fuller’s book contains meal plans which won’t leave you starving as well as nutritionally sound recipes and advice about exercise. He guides you on how to get organised to lose weight with decluttering even getting a mention!

Fuller’s method makes sense to me. The only negative I can see with his approach is that weight loss is not massive and rapid unlike some of the other diets out there. However, his easy-does-it approach means that the weight loss doesn’t come creeping back. According to Fuller, it comes off and stays off.

For more detail on the science behind Interval Weight Loss, go to Dr Nick Fuller’s Interval Weight Loss, where you also have the opportunity to engage with Dr Fuller whilst on your Interval Weight loss journey!

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